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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this will be interesting to watch. we will have update throughout the night on that race. thanks for inviting us for "special report" tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> crisis after crisis exploding in ukraine. in israel and right here at home at the u.s. border and now expanding across the nation. so where is president obama in in the middle of all of this? jumping on air force one and fundraiser hopping. congressman alan west takes the president to task in just minutes. first, more grim news for president obama. a giant legal set back for obamacare. >> huge day for the rule of law here. >> this is a big blow to obamacare. >> this decision ultimately could gut the heart out of obamacare. >> if this ruling stays in place. it would essentially obliterate obamacare. >> all of the people that got subsidies are essentially in violation of the law. >> going forward it's going
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to be chaos. >> and for the latest on today's court ruling and the other court ruling fox news correspondent shannon bream joins us. what happened today. >> it's been a busy day. bad morning for the administration. one court below the supreme court in d.c. said we are not going to aloy you to expand all of these subsidies that help fund people in 38 different states where the law doesn't say you can do that it was an irs regulation that was making that possible. well, fast forward just a couple of hours later we got an aruling from an equal fourth circuit based in richmond saying actually the administration can do this. they deferred to the irs for interpreting this rule yes these subsidies can go forward. without them big problems that undermines the law in a lot of ways. but now we have the split. so now we wait to see if we end up at the supreme court. there are are steps that can happen in between. for right now those subsidies are going to control. >> the supreme court says conflict in circuits.
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almost invitation to go to the supreme court. the supreme court is on vacation. >> enemy october. -- enemy october. they would decide in october where to take it. >> you would need four justices to say we are willing toway weigh into this thing. it could conceivably be heard in the next term which runs october to june of 2015. in the meantime, there could be something that happens in which either of these circuits, the losing party can ask for the full circuit of judges, all of them in that circuit to rehear the case and issue another decision. if so, that's another stop before you get to the supreme court. >> all right. okay. so the impact on someone sitting at home who has got health insurance tonight or obamacare insurance to the state is thinking what? >> if you are getting a subsidy, for now that's going to stay in place. in the next round of employment. >> but the state? >> right. if you went federal? >> i mean, under those federal exchanges, you know, you should be getting the subsidy anyway. that's what the plain language of the law says. either way you will continue to get your subsidy for now
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while this is all ironed out. interesting thing is even though supporters of obamacare say if these subsidies go away. could argue hey, there is a hardship, i can't do it. it's my way out of the individual mandate that can happen millions of times over. >> yikes, anyway, shannon, thank you. >> good to see you. >> joining our political panel nina easton, "the washington examiner" betsy woodruff and national review jim garety. nina, i guess it's good news -- bad news for obamacare in the morning, good news in the afternoon. and the measure people -- subject to all this chaos. >> these are very very split decisions. how much they disagree with each other as shannon indicated. first you have this ruling comes out in the d.c. circuit, which yes, would undermine obamacare big time. 90% of people on those federal exchanges are subsidized. 4.7 million people could face increases of premiums of 76%. so it could be huge.
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however, go 100 miles south and you go to richmond, and that circuit said no, no, no, we're not talking about the plain language in the statute, which is what the d.c. circuit relied on, we have to go back and look at what obama said and what congress said about this healthcare law when they passed it. and they did not intend to have two classes of citizens, you know, you don't get a subsidy if you are one class and do you get a subsidy if you are another class. said this is just about people trying to undermine this law. these are very very opposite views of what that law says. >> you know though who the really rotten ones in this i think are? it's congress. i think it's the democrats who vote for obamacare. the reason we have this problem is because they didn't bother to read what they voted for. because, this is -- the law hasn't changed. this is the very law they all voted on. so now they have got this mess, just like with the medical device tax. if they bothered to read anything so whoa is me to the poor democrats who blew this by not even bothering to read it.
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>> this couldn't be a bigger pr coupe for republicans. hammering going into the election cycle is democrats are incompetent and not good at governing. >> not good at reading. they are not good at reading. >> as much as i would like it say this is a road block to obamacare, it's really going to amount to a speed bump. basically go to the court of appeals. might as well just establish a drive-thru. go straight through the supreme court. they will give the administration whatever they want. >> why do you think that? you know, it's it the supreme court as nina just said the supreme court may look at the plain language and not feel like you do. the supreme court is not supposed to legislate. >> john roberts had one chance to get rid of obamacare already and he didn't take it unlikely jrgets there is another really important speed bump here and shannon referred to it. >> speed bump or road block. >> road block to stopping obamacare is that if the administration goes to the d.c. circuit and asks for what's called en banc hearing which is all of the justices have to weigh in on that, seven of those are democrat appointees and only
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four are republican appointees, that could block that case right there. >> even if they lose they can still go to the supreme court less attractive path for them but still go to the supreme court. it's another hump to get passed. other steps. >> are you democrat now moaning about this and been in the statute since the beginning? >> certainly fair to have that response big picture here is just to pain. pain for democrats who keep defending this. distracts them from the big picture argument. >> it's also pain for the american people who want some level of stability and certainty. and there is none of that. whichever way you follow. at least you want certainty. >> not supposed to legislate eh, you know what we mean. the gist is in the legislation. >> then speaker pelosi said is that we need to pass it so we know what's in it. now they are getting a little taste of their
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medicine. i find it appalling that members of congress, and it's one thing to vote on the name for a post office and not read it but something that changed america so much. >> whether you are for or against. anyway, panel, stay with us. and developing now, an order from the faa, no u.s. flights are are permitted to land or take off from tel aviv. that is after hamas rocket exploded right near tel aviv's airport forcing a new york to israel flight already in the air to turn around and suddenly divert to paris. fox news correspondent laura ingle live in jfk airport with the very latest. laura? >> hi, greta. well, you outlined it pretty well. imagine being on that delta flight. you leave from here, from jfk heading to tell aleve, you are almost there, it's a really long flight and suddenly that plane take as u turn and takes to you paris to avoid potential rockets entering the space near the airport where you were supposed to land. we very a map to show you exactly how this all went down. it's what happened to 273
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passengers along with 17 crew members today as their flight was suddenly diverted after reports of a rocket or associated debris near the airport in tell avivian schiller. you can the list of airlines pulling the plug on flights in and out of the international airport is growing as airlines continue to work on making safety calls after a missile shot down malaysian shah airlines flight mh 17 killing all 2 8 on board. the federal aviation administration noticed notice to airmen inforring all u.s. airlines that they are prohibited from flying into or out of the bangor international airport for a period of up to 24 hours. the notice to airmen only applies to u.s. operators and has no authority over foreign airlines. in a conversation with u.s. secretary of state john kerry, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu requested kerry's help in reversing the faa decision to halt u.s. flights into tel aviv, that news breaking
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tonight. international airport for israel handling 90% of all arrivals and departures for that country. the associated press reporting israel's' defense ministry saying the airport is safe and completely guarding adding there is no reason to hand tara prize by halting flights. now reps with the faa say they will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation and will also give us updated instructions once those conditions permit. greta? >> laura, thank you. of course then go ahead and send airplanes in and out of there. i don't know how many passengers want to get on them. rather frightening what's happening in the air whether ukraine or there. anyway, laura, thank you. >> news out of israel tonight. it's getting worse. despite intense diplomatic efforts ban ki-moon. fox news correspondent conor powell is live from gaza city. conor? >> well, greta, you are exactly right. it is getting worse. just about 15 minutes or so ago, my cameraman james and i were talking about how
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many lights were on us in gaza and then almost cue all the lights went off. heard several loud explosions, small arms fire further up the beach. the fighting is furthering to intensify here in gaza. real live what we have seen the past two or three days eerie feeling with all of these lights off here in gaza. now, hamas has continued to fire rockets into israel, not too far from where we were, we saw earlier today, some fire, some rockets being fired out of here into israel. also saw an israeli strike from out from the ocean into a building just about 400 or so meters from where we are right now. the fighting intense here really for the last three days or so. the death toll mounting on both sides. israeli officials say that 27 soldiers have been killed in this operation while 630 palestinians, many of them civilians, many of them women and children have also been killed during the past really two or three days. many of those deaths really coming about. now, one of the things that
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is at the heart of this conflict right now is the block indicated. more materials for rockets to be launched at israel. hamas is vowing not to agree to any type of cease-fire. another potential stumbling block for any kind of cease-fire agreement. one of their soldiers is missing. last two days. hamas claiming that they kidnapped an israeli soldier. israel says this missing soldier is likely dead secretary of state john kerry in the region. ban ki-moon also discussing a cease-fire but right now we are not seeing anything on the ground that resembles a cease-fire is in the works or that one can be possibly agreed to any time soon because neither side is going to meet the conditions for the other in terms of a cease-fire agreement, greta.
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>> conor, thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. senior u.s. intelligence officials now say the u.s. has found no direct link between the russian government and the shootdown of malaysia airlines flight 17. the official still believe russian backed rebels fired the missile. but they say there is no smoking gun and today, the train carrying the victims' bodies finally getting out of the territory. simon, nice to so you and i know that you have been to the scene. how recently have you been to the scene and what is it like now? >> i was there a couple days ago right as the rebel fighters were removing the bodies from the crash site. they were doing that just with regular military trucks and no european investigators or observers of any kind on the scene. >> are the rebels taking any responsibility for this shootdown?
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are they still essentially silent on this? >> no. they absolutely deny responsibility. they insist that it was done by the ukrainian military. and they offer various theories to support that and to explain who did it, you know, most of them are fairly farfetched up to and including the united states did it to make russia look bad or to escalate its grand conflict of civilizations with russia. but, yes, they absolutely deny being involved. >> is there anything at all, even remote or faint or anything at all to suggest that you ukraine would be responsible for shooting it down? anything at all? >> not really that i have seen. i mean, the case is fairly convincing that it would be the rebel side because they had such a strong track record of shooting down military aircraft in that same area. the plane was shot down, you
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know, over rebel-held territory. and i haven't seen, you know, circumstantial evidence or cases made that are are nearly as convincing on the opposing side. >> if you are on the ground there are there clashes going on between rebels and the people of ukraine? if you walk through the area what's it like. >> they're very intense clashes yesterday and today in the city. the ukrainian government has faced a lot of criticism for beginning an assault on that city as the rebels just were beginning to allow investigators on to the scene, into their territory, to allow the investigators to work, to hand over the flight recorders or black boxes. and amidst all this, there was very intense fighting in dow
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doneskt. quite intense. tanks around the street. armored vehicles, road blocks everywhere. residential areas that get hit with shelling, so it's not an easy place to work for the investigators, certainly. simon, thank you. >> thank you. >> congressman adam kinser insist ukraine. he wants to put the squeeze on president putin. representative kinsinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> very good. greta. how are you? >> very well. first of all til tell me what you want to do to putin and why. >> there are 300 families that are not even a week out from mourning and feeling the pain from what happened from these pro-separatist rebels supported by vladimir putin and the russian government. i think it is very important now that we begin to freeze some of putin's assets. it's not going to be an easy process. he is estimated in some cases to be one of the richest guys in the world
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from loot he has taken from the state of russia. let's locate where some of that sand freeze it and take it i think we need to make him an international pariah on the world stage. he has got his public opinion in russia and that's an issue. i think to an extent he wants to have the world opinion on his side, which he is not going to get. i think need to make it very clear he is not ons side of peace. we need to target him personally as well as arming and training the you ukrainian military because this has spilledborders of ukrao now effecting innocent people who are now probably two thirds of which were asleep and hoping to wake up in a different country. >> all right. i'm all for putting the pressure on putin and on russia on this. the problem is in the u.s. almost unilaterally does it it's not going to have any impact. how do we get on board? this has got to be a world response? it can't just be us. >> it really does. even one more example, the french are selling the warships to the russians. this is what the russian
4:17 pm
defense minister said in the georgian war. had he had these ships he could have taken over the black sea and georgia in 445 minutes and the french continue to sell. this i think that has got to stop. i think the president is doing an okay job of trying to pressure the europeans. i think he has got to do strong are, cancel fundraising trips and make it very clear that the united states needs europe on board. europe needs the united states on board in order to stop this continued russian incurs. because, look, it was georgia. then it was, you know, ukraine, crimea, and then eastern ukraine. what's next? something is going to be next unless he is stood up against. we learned that lesson hard in the 1930s. >> all right. there is no direct evidence, according to senior u.s. officials that we're learning tonight. no direct evidence to tie russia. but they created the conditions that led to this. does that in any way have an impact on your view that it's not a direct russian hit but that it is a created the conditions? >> well, i just run into this on your show. i'm interested to see the
4:18 pm
details. whether it didn't come from a russian launcher in russia. i can almost guarantee you or i would be pretty confident that there were some kind of russian agents among the pro-separatist rebels giving them input. this is a very complicated piece of equipment to use. regardless even if there wasn't, they have support from vladimir putin. they have cart blanche ability to do what they need to do and they have that support. i still take this seriously. vladimir putin can end this tomorrow if he truly wanted to but obvious will he he doesn't want to. >> other thing too you can't just push a button on these launchers. either had someone there who had been trained, meaning a russian or else the russians did some training, assuming that the facts are as we now think they are tonight. anyway, congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. it was good to be here. >> president obama taking off again for five fundraisers on the west coast. is this really the message he wants to send the american people? or how about the message to netanyahu or putin or other
4:19 pm
world leaders? what does that tell them all? former congressman alan west is next. plus, is the white house taking a beer recipe more seriously than our marine languishing in a foreign prison? i will tell you what i think of course off-the-record. that's coming up. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. you're thinking beneful.
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>> i don't think is he interested in canceling fundraisers. >> he cancelled fundraisers, right? >> never. >> he doesn't care his ratings can't get worse. is he going to do whatever he wants. >> everyone expects the president to be a politician as well. that just has to take the backseat when there is a real crisis. >> it's just the optics of it. it he doesn't give the impression that he is working so afternoon. >> when would he cancel? >> what would it take to actually cancel a
4:23 pm
fundraiser? >> here he goes again. this time president obama taking off to the west coast for a three day fundraiser field trip. the president expected to attend five fundraisers, in san francisco, washington and l.a. joining us congressman and republic alan west. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you doing. >> i'm doing very well. i know that the air force one didn't do a lot of business while you are traveling much the whole idea of the optics, the message he is sending, not just to the american people but to putin. to netanyahu, to angela merkel, to, you know, everyone else around the world who is watching, make a difference? yeah it does make a difference because being the president of the united states is a by product of being the fund raidser in chief. when you think about what is happening globally, when you look at your -- seeking to change constitution so that it can now have a full army
4:24 pm
and not just a restricted self-defense force. with russian supported paramilitary force shot down civilian a aircraft. they have restricted access to that crash site. they are contaminating that site. we don't have the black boxes or know what's going on with the remains. the nuclear talks with iran have failed. we still have a pastor that is incarcerated in iran an american pastor. you see what is happening between israel and hamas near the airport. we have isis committing genocide against christian old generations there that there there. we have a crisis on our border. a state government who has border while we still have a united states marine at a prison in mexico. now is not about the time to run away from the white house. show resolute leadership trying to filling out how is he doing this on the phone
4:25 pm
to prime minister netanyahu. i can't figure out like does he not get how it looks to so many? even his own supporters, each the democrats are concerned only thing i can think of roll the dice for the mid terms. democrats lose the senate he is going to say don't blame me i at least tried to raise money. >> well then obviously it is an act of narcissism where is he is focused on himself and so that is he is not held responsible for anything that comes out of the mid terms former military commander. during the time when its was a commander over in iraq. if i sat at the headquarters and listened on the radio instead of never going out and being with my soldiers in combat operations or engagements, what type of leader would i be? so that is what we are looking for. we are not looking for someone who tries to alleviate any sense of alarm because we have a 24 hour news cycle. we are quite aware. what we need to do is have a steady hand on the hymn of this ship called the united states of america.
4:26 pm
you are not seeing that we are not leading. we are leading from behind. which down south we call that following. and i believe that the president is more so concerned about going to these fundraising events where he is he applauded. this is all about him. instead of sitting there sitting there in the white house and making tough decisions and alleviating some of these issues that we see across the country and including the world. 30 seconds left. i don't think he likes the job. i think he almost hates the job. remember when bill clinton got a lot of heat from the republicans. he the whole time he acted like he still liked the job. >> yeah, that's very key point i think the in the first two years when he had the house and senate he was free to da whatever he wanted and get his agenda passed. now when he has to show an ability to lead and also to inspire people to follow him, he is failing in that aspect. and so what do you do? you run away and get on air force one. that carbon footprint is getting kind of big i would say. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta.
4:27 pm
and, convert or be executed? die by the sword. that is the very evil isis issuing a terrifying ultimatum to thousands of iraqi christians it is religious cleansing. it's evil. it is genocide. the latest next.
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isis issuing evil in iraq. convert, pay a tax, leave or be executed.
4:31 pm
die by the sword. the threat forcing thousands of christians to flea iraq. kathleen herrige joins us. just genocide? >> what we know from the u.n. based on their data hundreds of families in northern iraq have been affected and have left the area. the reports we see coming out of that region as people leave they are being stopped by armed militants at checkpoints and then being asked to give over all a of their belongings, many of them just in plastic bags that's all they can carry. they are leaving everything behind here. what isis is doing is that they are erasing these people from the landscape. some of these feel have been living in northern iraq since the time of christ some 2,000 years. >> crime in the eyes of identifies. >> they are -- in the eyes of eye sis is they are christians? that's horrible. >> one of the images we have seen out of iraq is the house of a christian family who has departed. you can see that across it
4:32 pm
is arabic. this is now the property of the islamic state. we welcome with the mujahideen back to northern iraq is god is greater. not god is great but god is greater. the sin in their eyes is that they are christians and they are forcing them either to stay and pay that tax, face execution or flee and most are fleeing. >> when you think of all the blood shed, american blood and others in iraq and you see all the effort, you know, that went try to fix it after, you know, after everything that went down and you now you see what we are leaving behind is something that is going to turn into genocide for religious reasons awful, horrible, rotten evil people these what they are to the core when you see the video and listen to the interviews and look at the photos, what you see is that a religious group is being wiped away
4:33 pm
from northern iraq. this is a group that considers themselves native people. >> not the only people in the world president ba sure a lot of places in the world killing people for just being christians. thank you. >> you are welcome. iraqi christian terrorized by pure evil people. michael faulkner joins us. >> good evening, greta, always a pleasure to join. >> you what do you think? >> well, this is this is, i said normal, jesus said that everyone who loved me, who would be persecuted in my name. so, as christians, we try to prepare people who are true believers to understand that we live in a world that will be hostile hostile to his agenda to love the world into salvation. >> all right. the problem these people are
4:34 pm
realtime. i don't know what the world can do to protect them the world should -- christians should be praying for them and the world should be denouncing these acts of terrorism and genocide on the part of these people on the part of those who do that remember, we saw the same thing in sudan and kosovo. i actually visited sites in kosovo where muslim extremists were taking christians out of their homes, were beating pastors so, this is not new. however, it is horrible. don't get me wrong. it is horrible. but, it has for some time in different parts of the world and different times. >> what is -- are we too soft on this whole issue in the sense that, you know, as we sort of delicately dance around the question of what
4:35 pm
why are more people up in arms? practice faith. unbelievable. yet, the most unthinkable things are being done to them. >> absolutely. sometimes we are so guilty of being politically correct or trying to be politically correct that we forgetted that the outcry for humanitarian justice must come from this country and it must be us and strong. we need a commander and chief that backs that up. unfortunately we don't have that right now. but it is important. >> what do you want from president obama on this? what can he do? >> i think he has commented on everything else, why not comment on this? he has commented on things that were trivial matters. this is a worldwide crisis. this is worldwide genocide. i think to comment on this and to -- and especially a nation that we have been as helpful to or trying to be as helpful to as iraq. it is unconscionable that this government is unstable
4:36 pm
as it is would allow these things to go on. >> maybe do a lot less fighting among between themselves on capitol hill and condemnation among these things. work together might be sort of helpful to speak with one voice and the president could speak out as well with a strong voice. >> absolutely. it's the documentation is there so they can't say i remember when the sudan crisis was going on people were saying well, we are getting different reports. these reports are very clear. we are knowing -- we know exactly what's going on. and there is no mistake about it. >> all right. well, if anyone wants to go to gretawire and put in the search function, sudan or president bashir. they will see a lot of my pictures there. pictures about what that horrible person is doing. that horrible president. anyway, reverend, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. thanks for caring. >> the border crisis getting more heated. the obama administration was warned more than a year ago. did anyone do anything? that's next. is the white house giving more attention to beer
4:37 pm
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did the obama administration ignore the warning that a humanitarian crisis was brewing at our border? there is news tonight the obama administration was warned almost a year ago and more than once. the university of texas el paso study sounding the alarm that the federal government would not be able to handle the growing flood of immigrant. but look where we are now? a former border patrol agent who led the study, he joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, good evening. >> sir, the study that you did, what was the conclusion that was was reached and when did you first realize -- when did you first notify the federal government? >> well, the study first of all was funded actually from the department of homeland security under our nationality center for border security and immigration. we started this project in august really to answer research question. at that time the research
4:42 pm
question was how can we help them improve efficiencies in their system in the rio grande valley. we took two trips into south texas. a trip to washington, d.c., spoke to representatives from health and human services, officer of settlement. and we did several site visit reports and we issued our report to the department february of this year. we published it march 20th of this year. >> go ahead, i'm sorry, sir. >> what we found on the record, greta, was that there were several systematic challenges that the various components were facing in terms from data sharing to communications to transportation issues, draining on manpower. >> all right. in terms of, i mean, we are now facing -- now we are facing humanitarian crisis all these kids. and i'm going back to august 2013, when your study began and then when you subsequently spoke to hhs and made your site visit. did you at any time notify the federal government or
4:43 pm
anybody in congress or anybody in hhs that there was -- that this were a number of children coming across the border or that it was going to get worse, that this was a problem? >> it was pretty clear, actually, when we did the interviews with representatives in the field that's that what they relayed to us, a growing problem. it was going to continue. as our report indicated one of the primary factors on this was the perceived lack of consequence on the individuals that was crossing, so, in terms of the trend, that was pretty dr. clear. not only in our eyes but in our trip reports that we filed with the department. >> and when you say representatives in the field members of congress, obama administration people? who is that? >> would be agency personnel from the office of border patrol from ice enforcement removal operations. the or folks.
4:44 pm
those level of representatives that we actually spoke to. >> and their response to you was what, when you raised the red flag? >> well, growing concern. it wasn't where they came up and said, you know, you are telling us anything different. they actually recognized and were aware that the trend was really scaling up. they were projecting back in the fall of last year about 60,000 apprehensions of unaccompanied illegal alien children. >> so did you expect something would be done to try to meet the problem? >> well, that was whole intent and purpose of our report. our university's purpose really was to find a scope and breath of the ongoing issue. and, based on that information, they were going to be two of the universities that were going to help with some modeling in terms of bed space allocation and transportation allocation. >> victor, thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thank you, ma'am. >> and our political panel is back next. plus, looks like the white
4:45 pm
house thinks the beer recipe is more urgent matter than getting a u.s. marine out of a mexican prison. i will tell you why i say that off-the-record coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. offers end july 31st. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain,
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4:49 pm
border patrol agent. he saw firsthand that the border crisis was getting out of control. that was almost a year ago. and his research group warned the obama administration. why didn't president obama and his administration do anything about it? our political panel is back. "fortune magazine" senior editor nina easton. betsy woodruff and national review's jim gator. jim, they were warned, i guess. they hoped it would go away? >> does barack obama and the people around him think of sebelius. think of sin seq.y? is this a crew that when they get bad news act on it quickly? preventative maintenance and dealing with problems when they get too bad or benign neglect is the watch word of
4:50 pm
the day? >> size of our government, it's just like we just can't do it anymore. is that it. >> yeah. i think this raises competency questions on multiple levels. the dhs commission somebody said hey we should invest funds. >> it must be a problem. figure out what's going on at the better. invest in it and got the report issued to them twice. once in january and another time in march and nobody responded to the college that put it together. it was like we don't even know if the paperwork went to the right place. these are not hard tasks. >> and it's about children. the most -- i mean, people with kids who can't defend themselves and take care of them the most. >> which is now a humanitarian crisis. this is governance by wishful think something how i consider it vladimir putin can be our friend, right? wishful thinking, obamacare can roll out without full testing of the system. >> you don't even have to read the bill to vote on it. >> you don't have to read the bill to vote on it. take all our troops out of iraq and radical jihadists
4:51 pm
won't try to take over. >> kill practicing christians for practicing their religion. >> it goes on and on. governance by wishful thinking. >> what's the president done really well? >> fund raise. you know, he is going on that. he is the michael jordan of fundraising. he does not quit. he is out there day in, day out. doesn't matter if he is tired. doesn't matter if he is feeling run down. he will go out there and he goal with those prewritten lines and read off that teleprompter like a pro. too bad the job is so much more that be that. >> at the border, betsy. >> certainly doesn't seem like it. the text of this report says that the border crisis can kids, number one it, shouldn't be a surprise. we knew this was going to happen a year ago. number two not going away at the anybody of unaccompanied alien minors. that's the term they use. best going to plateau. at worse keeps getting bigger. >> is it going to get better? >> the border? >> yeah. border make it close. make it clear to those governments letting those
4:52 pm
kids come here and turning their backs and letting smugglers take those kids through a risky thousand mile journey and incredible risk to their lives. and, you don't stand up and make clear. you have to be tough to be kind. >> you know what annoys me about all of this is they all say it's a humanitarian crisis. i believe it and, yet, none of them will stay here in washington and handle it. if this is a crisis for kids, where are they? i mean, it's unbelievable. this has been going on now for six weeks. when there is a crisis, we all show up at work. they don't. >> and they are paying the political cost because now you have got. >> they should. >> now you have got mayors and governors and feeling like they have not been consulted. their states republican overrun and their resources depleted by kids who have real needs. so, you could have gotten out ahead of it with this study. you could have done something. >> which would have been the right thing to do anyway -- >> -- that wouldn't have been leadi though. >> panel, thank you.
4:53 pm
>> let's all go off-the-record for a minute. yes, president obama is much on his plate. three major crisis cease, israel, even our own border. giant staff and if he has time for a bunch of fundraisers even today all the way to california and yes while this one is snarky. time for lots of golf. and he does. he needs to keep a simple promise and order someone on giant staff to answer the petition about sergeant andrew tahmooressi. president could turn to an aide on air force one and say get it done. two seconds. not much effort and it would keep a promise. and on may 31st, the tahmooressi petition on the white house web site reached 100,000 signatures the target set by the white house when the white house promises to respond. sergeant tahmooressi still waiting. and the white house ignoring him, ignoring the petition and ignoring its own promise. don't tell me it has only been one month and 22 days since the 100,000 mark since the petition was met, that's plenty of time. don't believe me? well, my colleague, sean hannity did a little
4:54 pm
research and discover the white house answered a petition on its web site asking for its beer recipe in only 12 days. i don't know but, but i think a marine in a foreign prison is nor urgent than a beer recipe it does expose white house priorities, doesn't it? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. why is is the e.p.a.spok tweeting about kim kardashian. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month. but i've managed. ♪ i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms,
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♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ get ready to speed read your way through the news. right now we are awaiting election results in the georgia republican senate runoff. voters deciding between representative jack kingston and businessman david purdue. the two conservatives battling in a runoff campaign. student to fox news for the very latest and the results.
4:59 pm
the nypd said whoever did it has bridge climbing experience. no connection to terrorism or politics. the e.p.a. sending out an apology. that's after a very bizarre tweet went out from the official e.p.a. account. it promoted the kim kardashian hollywood game. the e.p.a. tweet said i'm now a c list celebrity and kim kardashian hollywood come join me and become famous too by playing on iphone. the e.p.a. said that was an accidental auto generated tweet. whatever that means. >> and bad news from buckingham palace, queen elizabeth's race horse testing positive for banned substance. banned feed product could be responsible. the horse could be stripped of second place finish world cup. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. just a reminder if you are just getting home and tuning in before bill o'reilly. pick up a dvr remote and set a series recording each night. a very special question for
5:00 pm
you. what politician would you most like to have a beer with in the choices are on gretawire. go to vote in the poll. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i'm not going to tell the president what to do. but, i think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. >> the matter? america's declining status in the world. democratic senator feinstein is worried about that and you should be, too. we'll tell you why. >> who are way ramos of sister network fusion demonstrated the danger of this last leg of the treacherous border. swimming the rio grande. >> the border controversy continues to rage. national guard on the way in texas. the kids just keep on coming. we have an update tonight.


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